The West Just Got Weaker- GSW vs Atl Hawks 2/25/11

Golden State Warriors vs Atl Hawks 2/25

That could only mean better days ahead for my team the Golden State Warriors. No more Deron Williams and no more Carmelo Anthony. Even the upstart Clippers unloaded Baron Davis off with a lottery pick. At this point in time the West won’t be as tough in the short-term. It now looks realistic for The Warriors to actually make the playoffs at least next year and by chance this year. A slim chance being that we are 4 and a half games back of 8th place Memphis who holds the final spot at the moment .I’d liked for us to have been a bit more active compared to the rest of the league but we’ll see how the new owners play with this salary cap.

With all that being said I’m on my way to the Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks game tonight at Oracle Arena in Oakland. On paper the Hawks look like a better team with Al Horford manning the paint against Andres Biedrins and an edge on them with the bench as well with no Brandan Wright coming off the pine. With the advantage going to Atlanta down low and off the bench I’m not counting out our back court at home. Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry will be instrumental in what I predict to be The Warriors stealing a last-minute win by 2.

Look out for me at my next game…ON The Road…against a Western Conference Power House…


Its TheRoyaleLife


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